Earth Work


earthworkOne of our greatest challenges came in the form of a plot development project that had a time bound constraint of completion of less than 3 weeks. The project under normal circumstances was a 75-90 days contract. Our client was under a time bound constraint of handing over of the area. No other contractor accepted the risk or time frame allowed. We accepted the challenge and deployed our equipment and personnel to achieve our customer’s requirement. To complete this project, we deployed over 130 pieces of equipment and carried out the job on a 24-hour continuous operation for the duration of the contract and were able to hand over the site as promised on time and ensuring the best quality of work with minimal risk.

Mountain Demolition

mountainWe have executed one of the largest (single mountain) demolition job carried out in Oman at the Wattayah area. This job consisted of dozing, breaking and transporting over 1,000,000 m3 (One million cubic meters) of material. In addition, there was preparation and placement of gabions filled with stones around the site. This job was completed within 18 months safely and efficiently.

Road Construction

roadsRoad Work and Asphalt Work has been an integral part of our work since the 1980’s , We have carried out multiple road projects both as main contractors as well as sub contractors. The scope of work varied from construction of internal roads and parking areas within smaller villages to road network developments for commercial and residential areas, to construction of highway standard roads. The largest single road project carried out by us was part of a larger development for HM’s Camps at Ibri and Sunaina, where a road network of over 26 Km was designed and constructed by us as part of the complete package.


This lists a few of the significant jobs that we have been involved with, as well as currently working on. This only goes to prove the confidence of our clients of our capability to perform these jobs professionally, safely and with capability. Our professionalism and commitment to our clients has lead us to the forefront of our field and allowed us to do our part in the development and building of Oman.

Marine Work

marineOur involvement with the phase-1 of the Coast Guard Harbour Development  in Sidab is another proof of the confidence of our clients in our ability to execute various types of work to their exacting requirement and satisfaction. This project is classified as our first (Marine Grade) execution as main contractor. This involved the mountain cutting of a mountain, followed by processing of the cut material to various grades of material by carrying out multiple screening operations and stockpiling. Part of the processed material was used to develop a reclaimed area, which was used for the next phase development, while other grades of material were stockpiled in the sea beyond the reclamation area in a temporary stockpile, which was also utilized within the next phase. The project also involved the preparation of culverts and the main access road to the reclamation area, which shall be used as the main access road for the upcoming development.

Building Construction

buildingMain Contract-6 (MC-6) project offices complete civil works was carried out by our team complete with preparation of various services including parking and asphalt areas and concrete platforms for various equipment such as generator and water tanks all as required.

Plant Hire


Our Selective  Projects

  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Earthworks
  • Oman Liquified Natural Gas Project
  • Mountain Cutting For BMW & Nissan Showrooms Area Preparation
  • Mountain Cutting For M/s Saud Bahwan Group At Wattayah
  • Omani Market Sectors
  • Industrial (Sohar Aluminium)
  • Tourism
  • H.M. Royal Camps
  • Marine Work
  • Muscat International Airport Project